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Marriage Problems

Storybooks, movies, and television shows have done a wonderful job creating the myth that “happily ever after” in marriages just happens. However, while many happy and satisfying marriages do exist, relationship concerns are also very common. While some of these marriage concerns manifest themselves within the first few weeks of a relationship, others may take years to become apparent.

What are Common Marital Concerns?

Changes in lifestyle, unemployment, deployment status, or the change in one of the partner’s health, all add stress that can put any marital relationship at risk. Even exciting milestones like the birth of a child, the purchase of a home, the expansion or promotion in one’s career, or the eventual “empty nest” experienced by some couples, can alter the way romantic partners act toward and feel about one another. The individual growth of each partner through personal therapy; through socialization with their own colleagues, friends, and family; the pursuit of an education; or even a religious experience, add complexity to marital relationships. It is normal for partners who find that these experiences point them in different directions, to question their relationship.

Some couples find that discussing these concerns, even with each other, is difficult or uncomfortable. As a result, topics regarding martial issues are often “put off” or avoided all together. For couples dealing with infidelity, emotional or physical abuse, pornography or sexual addiction, feelings of embarrassment or fear may also exist. Many times a husband and wife or domestic partners may believe that they are completely alone with their struggle. Fortunately marital or relationship counseling can be extremely helpful in dealing with these issues (Learn more about Marriage Counseling at Allenmore Psychological Associates. For more information about coping with relationships problems, please refer to the recommended books in our resources section).

Recognizing the Signs of Marital Problems

At one time or another almost all of us find ourselves at odds with those whom we share our life. Unfortunately, these marital and relationship concerns can cause us emotional or physical pain, periods of depression, and may even interfere with work, child rearing, or other important responsibilities. Ask yourself:

  • Does my love-relationship provide me with feelings of contentment?
  • Can my partner and I resolve conflicts or make decisions without starting an argument?
  • Do we each feel emotionally and sexually fulfilled?
  • Do we feel like equal partners in our finances, child rearing, love making, or other activities?
  • Are we openly able to share things with each other or do we hold secrets and lead separate lives?
  • Do we seem to have more bad times then good times?
  • Am I spending time thinking or fantasizing about what it would be like to be with someone else?
  • Have I thought we could use couples therapy before, but been reluctant to bring it up with my partner?

How We Can Help Couples Through Marriage Problems

Understanding that martial concerns are normal, resolvable, and that they commonly happen to other couples is the first step in moving your relationship forward. Whether you are working to overcome infidelity or adjusting your martial relationship or domestic partnership to a change in deployment or career status, it is important that you approach each concern with empathy for yourself and for your partner. Marriage counseling can provide a safe space where both partners feel supported by their counselor and each other.

By working with one of the skilled professionals at Allenmore Psychology Associates in Tacoma, you can ensure that your marital concerns will be dealt with empathically and effectively. In addition, marriage counseling allows you and your partner to explore your concerns in a neutral and non-judgmental environment that allows for complete confidentiality. Under the guidance of our experienced staff, countless married couples and domestic partners have gained the relationship healing that they have desired. Couples counseling can enhance closeness between partners as they learn to better communicate, and overcome their relationship barriers. An experienced counselor knows that couples therapy is working when it helps to increasing each partners’ personal feelings of safety, love and satisfaction with their marriage.

The caring therapists at Allenmore have over three decades of experience providing the couples counseling Tacoma area residents have sought to help them work on relationship concerns. If now is the time for you to begin repairing or improving your relationship with your husband, wife, or domestic partner please call Allenmore Psychological Associates at (253) 752-7320 to schedule an appointment to get started with marriage counseling.

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