Allenmore Psychological Associates remains OPEN. During this period of concern and anxiety having access to quality behavioral health care is important and our staff is dedicated to ensuring your behavioral health care needs are met. In the unlikely event that the WA Department of Health directs us to close we will notify patients via telephone on the day of their appointment (similar to our Snow Day policy). If you are an existing patient who is demonstrating symptoms associated with the coronavirus or impacted by related closures (e.g. cannot find day care due to a school closure) and need to cancel we ask that you inform our staff as soon as possible, APA will not charge you for a late cancellation.


The Psychologists and Advance Registered Nurse Practitioners at Allenmore Psychological Associates want our website to be a useful source of information for our clients and for our community. We believe that the counseling process is fundamentally a learning experience and that information empowers us in developing new tools, strategies and insights. These tools, strategies and insights are powerfully important in allowing us to overcome current emotional problems and issues, and in supporting us to make more self-enhancing choices for our future.

Our Resources Pages Are Organized into the Following Areas:
  • Books (paperback and electronic) – Books that our counselors recommend.
  • Articles – Articles that our counselors recommend.
  • Web Resources – Links to internet resources that our counselors have found useful for their clients.
  • Applications – Free mental health apps for your iphone or android.
  • Counseling Handouts – Forms and information pieces, many of which have been created by our counselors for use by our clients in the counseling process. We know that many individuals who are not yet in counseling obtain information from reading books, articles and websites.
  • Community Resources – Additional resources that may be helpful in our area.

Our experience has shown us that for many of our clients, incorporating reading books, articles and websites into their counseling can facilitate the process of counseling and help to them reach their counseling goals. Books, articles and websites can provide useful information that can make the counseling process more efficient. Rather than taking time in a counseling session to present information or teach a client about a particular issue, the counselor can recommend reading material to the client. At the time of the next session the client and counselor can then work on helping the client to integrate or learn how to use a new tool or strategy rather than having to teach the new strategy to the client. Many of the books, article and websites also become a useful post-therapy resource. If a problem that was worked on in counseling begins to reoccur, the individual can pull a useful book off the shelf, review techniques that helped before, again put those techniques into practice and often resolve the re-emerging problem.

The Recommended Reading Materials area of our website is our answer to the frequently asked question regarding what books or articles we recommend for a particular concern or problem. To help answer this question, we have compiled a list of books and articles that our counselors have found to be helpful for our clients. These written resources are organized by topic, and accompanied by a brief description of their contents. Several of these books are written as treatment manuals with an organized structure that includes information and specific “homework” exercises aimed at teaching tools and strategies to allow people to overcome defined emotional or behavioral problems. David Burn’s Feeling Good Handbook is an example of this type of book. We welcome your feedback about these or other books and articles that have been helpful to you. If you have read a useful book or article that is not on our list, please let us know. Several of the references on our list became known to us through clients who had discovered and found value in them.

Our list of recommended books is organized under the following topics: Anxiety, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Assertiveness, Depression, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Relationship Problems, Sex and Love Addiction. If you wish to purchase a copy of one of our recommended books, we have provided a link for each on that will allow you to do so. This link is provided solely as a courtesy to our clients and website visitors. Allenmore Psychological Associates has no relationship with, and we do not necessarily endorse or recommend them over other booksellers. Our Recommended Websites are also organized by problems and concerns. We will be adding to and updating our recommended reading materials and websites, so check back with us in the future.

The Counseling Handouts section of our Resources pages includes psycho-educational pieces created by our counselors on such topics as Diaphragmatic Breathing, the ABC Theory of Emotions, and Meditation. These pages are provided to our clients to facilitate the counseling process. While we include these pages so that current clients can have easy access to them, individuals not currently in counseling may find value in them as well. Other pages include forms used as a part of counseling “homework” assignments. These pages typically require an explanation by the counselor and often a demonstration of completion of the form to be useful.

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