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Prevent Anxiety Attacks Article Resource from Allenmore Counseling in Tacoma How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks, by Samantha Gluck
This concise and easy to read article provides tools for managing panic and reducing stress. It includes information on considering how useful or productive worry is, and how to decrease it. Our therapists regularly use many of the techniques discussed, including visualization, relaxation and meditation with our clients. A very useful article with a proactive, holistic approach to anxiety management.
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Develop Good Sleep Habits Article Recommendation from APA Develop Good Sleep Habits, by Natasha Tracy
Learn to set yourself up for a restful and restorative night’s sleep using the basic principles behind healthy sleep habits, also known as good “sleep hygiene”. This article outlines creating an ideal sleep environment and how to identify habits that negatively effect your sleep patterns. The tips provided can help you on your way to improved sleep and feeling more energized throughout the day without the need for medication.
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America - Land Of The Stressed Resource Article from APA's Federal Way Counselors America: Home of the Free, Land of the Stressed,
by Dr. Brad McConnell, Psy.D.

This thought-provoking article gives one psychologist’s viewpoint on how stress is affecting the American public. Dr. McConnell outlines the concept of the “stress bucket”, a common analogy utilized by therapists to illustrate the additive nature of stress and how self-care can reduce overall stress levels.
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Why Kids Need Dads Recommended Article from Allenmore's Puyallup, WA Counselors Why Kids Need Their Dads, by Skye Loyd
Over forty years of research suggests the role that father’s play in childrearing has a direct impact on their children’s success later in life. APA’s Dr. Brett Copeland is quoted in this article from, discussing the different roles that mothers and fathers play as parents. This article touches on how fathers encourage risk-taking, play with and protect their children as well as providing discipline.
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Eye Movement Trauma Article Resource Can Eye Movements Treat Trauma?, By Tori Rodriguez
This December 2012 Scientific American article, contains an interesting discussion of the impact of eye movement in treating traumatic memories. Research findings suggesting that therapy which incorporates eye moments (i.e., Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) is more effective than therapy that does not are presented. Some theories about why eye movements are helpful are outlined.
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tips For Divorced Parents Article Resource from APA in Tacoma, WA Tips for Divorced Parents, by Jocelyn Block, M.A. & Melinda Smith, M.A.
Many parents facing divorce are fearful of the negative impact that divorce may have on their dependent children. Research shows that divorced parents who use effective co-parenting techniques can raise children that are as healthy as kids raised in intact homes. This article explores how this may be accomplished and provides tips on communicating with your ex-spouse and how to parent as a team after divorce.
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Animal Assisted Therapy Article The Truth About Animal-Assisted Therapy, By Brandi-Ann Uyemura
There are many misconceptions about what constitutes animal-assisted therapy, which this article succinctly addresses. It further explores some suggested explanations regarding why animal-assisted therapy is effective. This includes information about how therapy animals can increase client comfort, facilitate the development of the therapeutic relationship and model positive, appropriate social interactions.
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