Allenmore Psychological Associates remains OPEN. During this period of concern and anxiety having access to quality behavioral health care is important and our staff is dedicated to ensuring your behavioral health care needs are met. In the unlikely event that the WA Department of Health directs us to close we will notify patients via telephone on the day of their appointment (similar to our Snow Day policy). If you are an existing patient who is demonstrating symptoms associated with the coronavirus or impacted by related closures (e.g. cannot find day care due to a school closure) and need to cancel we ask that you inform our staff as soon as possible, APA will not charge you for a late cancellation.



10 Simple Solutions Book Resource from Allenmore Counseling in Tacoma10 Simple Solutions to Adult ADD, by Stephanie M. Sarkis, Ph.D.
This is a frequently recommended book by the counselors at APA for our adult clients with ADHD. Change Your Brain Change Your Life is full of practical tools for improving focus, clarifying goals, and managing time. It also teaches skills for dealing with depression, anxiety, and impulsiveness. Uses of medication, diet, exercise, and cognitive therapy to address ADHD symptoms and other issues are covered.
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Change Your Brain Book Resource - Allenmore CounselingChange Your Brain, Change Your Life, by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
This is a frequently recommended book by the counselors at APA for our adult clients with ADHD. Change Your Brain Change Your Life is full of practical tools for improving focus, clarifying goals, and managing time. It also teaches skills for dealing with depression, anxiety, and impulsiveness. Uses of medication, diet, exercise, and cognitive therapy to address ADHD symptoms and other issues are covered.
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When Anger Hurts Resource Book from APA's Tacoma Counselors When Anger Hurts, Quieting the Storm Within, by Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Peter Rogers, Ph.D., and Judith McKay, R.N.
Poorly managed anger damages the health, relationships, and careers of many of our clients. This book helps individuals understand the connection between anger-generating thoughts and explosive outbursts. It also provides tools for noticing early warning signs, and then de-escalating patterns of angry thoughts and physical reactions.
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The Dance of a Anger Book Resource - APA Counseling in Tacoma The Dance of Anger, by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.
The Dance of Anger
explores the role of anger in our lives and the constructive impact it can have when correctly understood and expressed. According to the author, anger is often poorly appreciated, condemned and “shut down” in women. Anger can be a signal that reveals useful things about our lives and relationships. Methods to understand and channel anger to improve one’s health and relationships are presented.
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The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook Resource from APA's Tacoma - Olympia, WA area counselors The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, by Edmund Bourne, Ph.D.
Packed with numerous methods to address many different anxiety problems, this book has been given high marks by our clients. It contains detailed guidance to help readers learn relaxation techniques, develop imagery skills, alter anxiety producing self-talk and deal with and prevent anxiety attacks. Numerous helpful worksheets make this book a truly user friendly resource.
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10 Best Ever Anxiety Techniques Book Resource - APA in Tacoma, WA The 10 Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques, by Margaret Wehrenberg, Ph.D. Provides helpful education on how our brains make us anxious. Dr. Wehrenberg presents the top techniques proven through research and clinical practice to help individuals manage the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms of anxiety. Controlling intake (of food, caffeine and information), using imagery to “contain” anxious thoughts, and learning to “worry once and well” are tools our clients have found helpful.
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The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety - APA Counseling in Tacoma The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety,
by John Forsyth, Ph.D. and Georg Eifert, Ph.D.

This book contains an approach to dealing with anxiety disorders derived from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT endeavors to help people accept their experiences and live a valued life. Our clients have found this books focus on living a purposeful life to be useful and uplifting.
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Don't Panic Resource Book from Allenmore Counseling Don’t Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks,
by Reid Wilson, Ph.D.
Don’t Panic has helped many of our clients through the years to correct their misunderstandings about panic attacks, overcome the fear of having them, stop avoiding feared situations and resume fully living their lives. Learning that panic attacks are not life threatening has been a turning point in many clients’ counseling. Mastering the techniques in this book can be liberating for sufferers of panic disorder.
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Brain Lock Book Resource from APA's Puyallup, WA Counselors Brain Lock, by Jeffrey Schwartz, M.D.
Dr. Schwartz has developed a research validated four step, cognitive therapy program to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). The four steps teach the OCD sufferer to Relabel, Reattribute, Refocus and Revalue obsessive thoughts associated with OCD. This reduces the fear that OCD symptoms create and allows the individual to avoid the rituals and other behaviors that maintain this disorder. A highly recommended resource.
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The OCD Workbook Resource from APA's Olympia, WA Counselors The OCD Workbook, by Bruce Hyman, Ph.D. and Cherry Pedrick, R.N.
Detailed descriptions of several evidence based treatments for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are contained within this volume. Techniques including Exposure and Response Prevention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy are described. Step-by-step outlines for using these techniques are included. We have found this book to be a helpful treatment manual when treating OCD sufferers.
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Flying Without Fear Book Resource from our greater Seattle Area Counselors Flying Without Fear, by Duane Brown, Ph.D.
Fear of flying is a common concern for clients treated at APA. Fears of the plane crashing and fears of having panic attacks while flying are common types of anxiety associated with flying. A pattern of avoidance often develops which limits the person’s ability to go on vacation or travel for business. The information and tools contained in this book have assisted us in effectively treating many clients’ fears of flying.
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When Panic Attacks Resource Book from Allenmore Counseling When Panic Attacks, by David Burns, M.D.
Worry, insecurity, panic attacks and anxiety in performance and social situations are among the most common problems leading people to seek treatment at APA. Dr. David Burns is a pioneer in the development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based treatment for anxiety disorders. This book is packed full of indispensable tools to help individuals overcome the life-limiting impact of anxiety symptoms.
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Emotional Intelligence Resource Book from APA's counselors Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman
In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Goldman defines emotional intelligence and explores why it is such a crucial determinant of the quality of our family and social relationships, as well as success in our work life and career. The book goes on to delineate the five factors involved in emotional intelligence and to explain how we can employ an understanding of them to become more emotionally intelligent.
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Your Perfect Right Book Resource from APA Your Perfect Right: Assertiveness and Equality in Your Life and Your Relationships, by Robert Alberti and Michael Emmons
First published in 1970, this book remains the quintessential resource for developing assertive communication skills. Assertiveness is the alternative to aggressiveness or passive acquiescence. It is about asking for what you need, or saying “no” to what you don’t, while respecting the other person.
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Feeling Good Resource Book - Allenmore Counseling Feeling Good, The New Mood Therapy, by David Burns, M.D.
This classic book is one of our “go to” recommendations on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for depression. Dr. Burns explains the role of distorted thinking in creating and maintaining depression and other emotional problems. Several specific techniques are offered to overcome these distortions and empower individuals to overcome depression. Tools are also offered to deal with low self-esteem and perfectionism.
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Feeling Good Handbook Resource From APA's Federal Way Counselors The Feeling Good Handbook, by David Burns, M.D.
This book is another classic and frequently recommended Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) resource from Dr. Burns. The workbook format contains helpful CBT forms that can be utilized in overcoming depression, anxiety and many other problems. The chapters on improving self-esteem, managing performance anxiety, overcoming procrastination and improving communication skills have helped many of our clients.
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The Mindful Way Through Depression Book Resource from APA's Seattle Counseling Outreach The Mindful Way Though Depression,
by Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Depression and unhappiness is often fueled by mental patterns of self-criticism and rumination. Mindfulness involves paying attention to our experiences, even painful ones, without judgment. This book helps the reader cultivate mindfulness to move beyond depression. A CD of guided meditations is included.
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Mind Over Mood Book Recommendation from APA Counseling in Tacoma, WA Mind Over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think, by Dennis Greenberger and Christine Padesky
Many of our clients come for counseling because they are plagued by painful emotions, including depression and anxiety. The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques described in Mind Over Mood can be powerful tools in helping people overcome these emotions. The structured worksheets have been well-received by our clients.
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Getting Past Your Past - resource from APA's Gig Harbor Counselors Getting Past your Past: Take Control of Your Life With Self-Help Techniques From EMDR Therapy, by Francine Shapiro
In this volume, the originator of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) explores how trauma leads to unprocessed memories which generate painful emotions whenever they are triggered by current stresses. Techniques derived from EMDR are used to overcome limitations, and enhance relationships and self-care.
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EMDR Breakthrough Therapy Book Recommendation from Allenmore Counseling EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Trauma, by Francine Shapiro and Margot Silk Forrest
EMDR Therapy is considered one of the greatest advancements in trauma treatment. Dr. Shapiro, innovator of EMDR, describes the nature of trauma and explores EMDR’s effectiveness in treating conditions resulting from combat, civilian traumas and other problems. Recommended to anyone who wants to learn about this powerful therapy.
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Relationship Problems

7 Principles of Marriage Resource from Allenmore's Fircrest Counseling Outreach Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work,
by John Gottman, Ph.D.

Dr. Gottman has been researching what leads to satisfying, long-lasting marriages for over 30 years. Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is easily readable and distills his research into seven principles for successful marriage. This book guides couples through self-assessment inventories and structured exercises to enhance their marriage.
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The Relationship Cure Book Suggestion from APA The Relationship Cure, by John Gottman, Ph.D.
For anyone who wants to upgrade their “people skills” and their ability to connect with others, this book is worthy of consideration. Dr. Gottman takes what he has learned from decades of studying what makes marriages work and applies those findings to improving a variety of other relationships. Relationships with family, friends and at work can be improved for the better by implementing the five steps outlined in this book.
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After the Affair Resource Book from APA After the Affair, by Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D.
The crisis created by the discovery of an affair is a major reason that couples enter marital counseling at APA. This book has been a useful resource for many couples navigating through the painful and confusing time following the revelation of an affair. Dr. Spring breaks the process of recovering from an affair into stages, and provides a detailed roadmap for couples who wish to rebuild their marriage following an affair.
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How Can I Forgive You Book Resource from APA's Counselors How Can I Forgive You?, by Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D.
In this follow-up book to After the Affair, Dr. Spring delves into the challenges of forgiving someone who has wronged us. The author states that this can be difficult to impossible when the offender is unrepentant. She established four types of forgiveness and presents acceptance as an option in situations where the offender has neither apologized nor made efforts to rectify the damage they’ve done.
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The Dance of Intimacy Resource Book from Allenmore's Counselors The Dance of Intimacy, by Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.
The Dance of Intimacy, explores the ways in which troubled relationships can be healed and healthy ones can be made even better. She defines an intimate relationship as one in which, “We can be who we are in the relationship and allow the other person to do the same.” This book offers guidelines for change based upon a solid understanding of how relationships become troubled and how they can heal and thrive.
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Sex and Love Addiction

Women Who Love Too Much Resource Book Women Who Love Too Much, by Robin Norwood
Do you obsess about men and call that obsession love? Are you allowing a relationship with a man to have control of your emotions and behavior, to the point that your health and wellbeing are negatively impacted? If so, you may be a woman who loves too much according to the author of this book. The ideas and tools in this book when used in conjunction with counseling can change this pattern of self-destructive behavior.
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Obsessive Love Book Suggestion - APA Counseling Obsessive Love: When It Hurts Too Much to Let Go,
by Susan Forward, Ph.D.
Obsessive Love by Dr. Susan Forward describes the damage that results for individuals who become ensnared in an obsessive love relationship. Whether you are obsessively pursueing someone or on the receiving side of obsessive pursuit, the step-by-step tools presented in this book may be helpful to you in overcoming the “connection compulsion” and learning to have healthy relationships.
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Out Of The Shadows Book Resource from APA's Olympia, WA Counselors Out of the Shadows, by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.
With great clarity and compassion, Dr. Carnes describes the dynamics of sexual addiction and enumerates its destructive impact on an individual’s relationships, and physical, mental and spiritual health. Out of the Shadows is one of the classic works in the area of sexual addiction. The author outlines in detail the process of recovery. Timely guidance is offered for dealing with internet pornography addiction.
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Full Catastrophe Living - Recommended Book from Allenmore Psychological Associates Full Catastrophe Living, by Jon Kabat-Zinn
The role of stress in creating, maintaining and exacerbating many types of illness and health problems has become increasingly accepted. Mindfulness and meditation approaches are having a powerful impact in fields of medicine and mental health treatment as techniques to counteract the impact of stress. Dr. Kabat Zinn is a pioneer in this area and Full Catastrophe Living is his seminal work. Highly recommended!
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Turning The Mind Into An Ally Book Recommendation from APA Turning the Mind Into an Ally, by Sakyong Mipham
According to the author, through structured training aimed at stabilizing, strengthening and calming our minds, we can achieve clarity and peace in our daily lives. He presents meditation as a basic tool for this type of training. Steps on how to meditate are offered. Packed full of suggestions and written in an accessible style, this book is enthusiastically recommended to anyone who wants to begin a meditation practice.
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Happiness Book Resource from Allenmore's Puyallup, WA Counselors Happiness, by Matthieu Ricard
Matthieu Ricard is a molecular biologist who became a Buddhist monk and devoted himself to understanding the keys to human happiness. He argues that happiness stems from cultivating compassion for all people, desiring to end hatred and seeking the well-being of others. Meditative exercises that can help the reader achieve happiness are suggested at the end of each chapter.
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Other Topics of Interest

The People Code - Recommended Book from APA's Gig Harbor, WA Counseling Staff The People Code, by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D.
Dr. Hartman’s theory of Motive provides individuals with a colorful (literally) framework to understand their innate personality and the personality of those around them. This easy to read book can be used to improve personal and work relationships. Our clients have reported that this book has helped them put words to what they “have felt all along” but were never able to share with others.
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The Introvert Advantage Book Resource from APA's Federal Way Counseling Outreach The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World,
by Marti Olson Laney, Psy.D.

In a country that thrives on social media and group events, the word introvert has all but become an insult. This volume de-stigmatizes introversion and presents strategies for people who may feel overwhelmed by romantic relationships, work associations and socializing. Our clients state that it has helped them enhance their self-esteem.
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